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Tarot cards are a psychic tool that is often featured in movies and television shows. Many people consider tarot cards and psychics to go hand in hand, however it is worth noting that you do not have to be psychic to be able to read tarot cards. There are many people who practice this art who do not believe they should be classified as a psychic. They do not have visions, they do not communicate with spirits, and they do not have any innate ability to predict the future. But what these people do have is a very close understanding of the symbols within the deck they read. A person may read tarot cards, and be exceptionally good at it, simply by having a very close relationship with their deck. A psychic medium will not only have a close relationship with their cards and symbols, but can use the cards in conjunction with their other talents, being able to provide incredibly accurate statements that the broad tarot deck cannot account for. Divination and readings via tarot cards are in high demand, as the medium can often explain the symbols in the cards to the client, allowing them to see and understand where their psychic is gathering some of their information from.

If you are looking for a quick tarot reading, it is not uncommon to go through a three card spread that focuses on the past, present, and future, just as with runes. Again, tarot cards do not predict your future, but they do give you advice and a possible outcome. To receive more guidance and clarity, people will often opt for larger spreads, such as Brighid’s Arrow, or the Celtic Cross. In these more elaborate layouts you may get into information such as the true feelings and thoughts of those around you concerning your situation, who you can turn to for advice and who you can or cannot trust and what is occurring in your immediate present that is making the matter more complicated than it needs to be. Tarot cards are unique in that they have the ability to describe specific people in our lives and how they play a role in our scenario, along with the traits and outside influences involved.

Tea leaves are a psychic tool that also provides sustenance. When having your tea leaves read, you are poured a cup of tea, leaves still in, and are instructed to think about the events occurring in your life (as broad or specific as you like) while enjoying your drink. Once you are done and have only a minimal amount of liquid remaining, many psychics will instruct you to swish the remnants of your mug and then upend them onto your saucer. The leaves themselves can be read, as can the background. As with most tools, there may be some unique symbols that a psychic has come to understand with much practice and time. Interpreting the symbols is not the hard part, however; understanding the images within the leaves is what takes the most practice and dedication. Due to the time involved to become fast at deciphering the patterns and images in tea leaves, a psychic medium may choose to offer their services by means of other tools for several years before opening up their practice to include tasseomancy.

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